Best Wrong Answer - Do Your Worst!

Get ready for a quick witted game that will entertain all.
Best Wrong Answer is endless hours of fun just waiting for your games night! 


Game Concept by cgboardgames


Step 1. Each player takes 10 life tokens.
Step 2. Select a designated "question reader" or take it in turns in a clockwise direction around the group
Step 3. Set the egg timer the moment the card has been drawn.
Step 4. Read the question and each player has to give their answer within the allotted 30 seconds!
Step 5. If nobody slips up and gives the correct answer then the group decides who's answer was least entertaining. The nominee then takes a spin on the...

"THE WHEEL OF FATES" and instantly looses 1 token!
-Will you loose more tokens or...COULD YOU GET LUCKY!

The Wheel of Fates has...
- A 50% chance of landing "forfeit" grab a forfeit card!
- A 37.5% chance of landing on a "loose a token" spot. This spot instantly results in loosing 1 more token! 
- A 12.5% chance of scooping the kitty of sacrificed coins with the jackpot spot!
Step 6. Repeat the above steps until all but one player has lost their tokens to determine the winner of the game!


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